Sunday, June 20, 2010

blog name change....

im gonna be changing the name of my blog to
because its just easier to type and easier to remember... just thought id let you all know before i did it!

Monday, May 31, 2010

side note:

somehow....that last post got messed up.... im not really sure what happend. hopefully you can still read it! hahahaha

yes...i just got dissed by a 6 year old. hahahahahahaha

so... kelli and andrew were in town a few weeks ago!

and... we all went out to eat at in n out.

when we got home... i was sitting in the living room working on my homework! And ALEXIS walked in. as she sat down next to me, i started complaining about my homework load! she offered to help...but i had to turn it down. Then she asked to look through my book!

i handed it over and she look at me and said:

Hey Emmy? Who do I sound like?



her: (in a very mocking tone might i add..)

i have so much to do! but what do i do about it?? i just complain. (then...a dramztic pause...and a stare in my direction) FIGURE IT OUT!

hahahhaa.... i love that girl. <3>

Sunday, May 30, 2010

just around the corner!

life has been wonderful lately!
Alissa's home for the weekend and i have no school tomorrow!!! Friday was our last day of seminary. which means summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! literally.
after tomorrow we will ony have two mondays left. Then, i will be a sophmore. yup. thats right. i will no longer be at the bottom of the high school social food chain. And this summer will be a BLAST!
May-July - 4th of July show rehearsals, ocmco!
June - girls camp, ocmco concert!
July - 4th of July show, EFY
August - Pioneer Trek, my 15th birthday
bring it on.
hopefully i'll remember to update my blog . . . but for some reason i doubt that's gonna happen. so long for now!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

high school here i am!

hahaha so i realized i never even updated over the summer....but it was AMAZING! the 4th of july show was definitely a blast!!
we even got a lot of friends from school to do it with us so that was way fun!!
and our family vacation to san onefre and big bear was tons of fun <3 hahaha especially with the 3 pregnant women :) and with lots of trips to the beach and disneyland my summer was just pretty much AMAZING! it was lots of fun to have alissa and marissa here too and i definitely miss them!! and me and some of my friends from church went to go see tara sillasen in annie jr put on by occt and she was WONDERFUL! and im pretty sure she could tell we were there before she even saw us hahaha
i had a fun get together at my house before my bday! We got a nice little bonfire in the backyard goin and roasted some smores, played catch phrase, and then headed over to the park to play sardines! and...big booty...and got a fun story to tell!!! :) hahaha then after we decided to go home....we went back to my house and talked, ate some treats, had a water fight in my backyard, and i opened presents! then we just kinda hung out and had a blast! of course i was halfway drenched thanks to laurel, matt and renee! haha it was tons of fun!
Youth conference was SO MUCH FUn! Every day we had workshops at the stake center (except for Thursday) and then we did fun activities!! On thursday we got to do baptisms in the LA temple! and go to the la brea tar pits!!! we had a bonfire at the beach. then on friday after workshops we went to in n out and our ward sang happy birthday to me in which the guy over the intercom joined in and pretty soon so did everyone! hahaha then we got to go to wild rivers!!! where it was sang a couple more times! hahaha plus we had a dance at wild rivers and so my birthday was pretty much amazing <3 on that saturday we got to paint fire hydrants in FV and i guess i didnt get the memo that we were supposed to paint the hydrants...not ourselves! but then again sister graves did paint almost my entire ankle so it wasnt all my fault!! then we went home and got ready for the luau/banquet! it was way fun! "date" wouldnt really talk to me...kinda awkward hahaha but they had AWESOME food and really cool polynesian dancers! and laurel and jared kept me company <3 thank goodness PLUS there was this awesome fire dancer that performed outside kinda by the parking lot on the grass and that was REALLY cool! on sunday we had a testimony meeting which was actually REALLY good! and then that night we had a fireside at teh stake center and the speaker was AMAZING! so...youth conference was defintiely something that i will NEVER forget <3
at the end of august i got to go to utah with my mom for about a week and spend some time with the girls and thats ALWAYS fun :) we had a blast painting, crafting, shopping and just hanging out!!! hahaha BUt....summer is over and so school starts hmmm.....not quite sure how i feel about that! seminarys lots of fun (besides the waking up at 5 part... :)) and it definitely helps to start my day off right :) so im pretty much happy with my life!! hahah and i dont have a zero period so my friend kyra and i keep some decks of cards in our lockers for days when we have nothing to do between seminary and school :) on friday we had an AWESOME match of egyptian war and speed and i can just tell itll be a fun year! plus....RANDOM story! this one kid i knew in 2nd or 3rd grade across the street from me and we always hung out after school and then he moved in like 4th hes back at edison! random!! hahaha the edison football games are so much fun! weve won everyone ive been to so far so thats pretty cooL! the first varsity game i think we won 36- 0 and then the freshmen won this last thursday 41-0!! me laurel and tessa made up an AWESOME cheer for them that i might just have to get a video of for everyone to see! hahaha it waS A blast! then this past thursday varsity won 36-6! its defintitely been fun :) and there have been a lot of funny moments that were just kinda hilarious at the games!! it was funny though cuz the only people that we know on the football teams are people from our seminary class so we showed everyone our cheer in seminary and they all LOVED it! hahaha it was pretty fun!

ill have to finish my posts and put my pictures up later though :))

Monday, March 23, 2009

wow....its been a while...

hey!!!! i havent really been keeping everyone updated have i?
well...last thursday on the 12 was the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST auditions!!!!! and before the auditions sister hatch was giving me voice lessons...she is AMAZING! and the auditions were soo much fun! then on friday i went to the auditions to just hang out :) a whole bunch of my friends got call backs so i was hangin out with them! and then they all had to go inside for call backs so my dad came and picked me up so i went to babysit for chad and amber! then mrs wilson posted the cast list on schoolloop and.....i am...drumroll please...
i am seriously SOO excited!!!! the townspeople are pretty much the funnest people to be because you get to do all the singing and dancing!!!!! it will be soooo much fun :0) and alex arnold is chip!!!!! she was so excited because thats who she really wanted to be and she is AMAZING at it!!!

and whenever i talk to my friend brooke i always call her mrs potts so just recently she decided that i needed a name too! so we thought about it very deeply because its a very serious matter and have come to the conclusion that my name is muriel :) we figured it was a very beauty and the beast now whenever someone asks me who i am in the play i say muriel the village cosette and everyone thinks im pretty cool:) hahaha

on thursday was the first read through of the play and it was fun to see everyone's parts and how the play would work out :)
plus i got to read over a couple peoples shoulders to see the script :) hahaha

and last week on monday and tuesday after school i took a french mini course!! it was SOOO much fun! me and amanda had fun trying to pronounce the french words and then we would just laugh at each other and get out the camera to tape each others facial was pretty good...and then we recruited dayna and micayla and we had a BLAST!!!!

then on saturday me my mom and sister draeger took a vacation and went on a road trip to UTAH!!!!! it was way funny cuz all the way up to utah the car had troubles starting but it started everytime...then we get to amanda draegers house to drop off sister draeger and when we tried to leave the car WOULD NOT start! we literally were sitting there for a half hour trying to get it start and then a nice boy came down from his apartment and finally got it to the time he came down to help us there was probably a crowd of about six or seven people there already adn when he got it start everyone started cheering and it was a very fun, adventurous start to our vaccation PLUS we made new friends!!!! :0)
then we just relaxed on sunday and today we went to salt lake despite the fact that it was snowing pretty hard and went shopping! it was fun!!!! so were enjoying ourselves and our vacation but we do miss all of you in california!!!!!
Charlie has been CRACKING us up!!!!!! he gets so excited every time we go into the snow and dances to his favorite barney songs :) ill have to upload all of my pictures and videos when we get home...from utah AND show choir AND beauty and the beast AND lunch and pretty much all the adventures of life :) goodbye for now!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She ordered the script and everything!!!! WE'RE DOING A PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SOO excited!
The play is gonna be Beauty and the Beast Jr. and will be SOOOOO much fun!!!!!! Mrs. Wilson and Sister Busby got together yesterday and got everything figured out! they ordered the script and the props and everything!!!!
Last year Aladdin was SOOOO much fun and i know beauty and the Beast will be just as much fun if not MORE! It's our 8th grade year too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!